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Why Hologram

The sale and distribution of pirated products is a significant manifestation of commercial crime and causes yearly losses of EURO 400 Billion for the manufacturers of the genuine products. A loss of image for the manufacturer, the risk of product liability and potential health risks for the consumer can result in additional serious consequences.

Due to various developments in product piracy, there is no overall protection against counterfeits. Only customized security systems can meet your individual needs for product and brand protection.

Holograms (or DOVIDs) are the reference authentication devices.  Most security technologies compare themselves to holograms.

Holograms are extremely secure against forgery as they are extremely difficult to duplicate even for well equipped holographer. Holograms are easy to recognize and easy to communicate as they are eye catching and attractive. They give a high recognition and raising image to the brand.

An economic way to protect and garantee a significant gain.

A sophisticated hologram can be made of a high number of combination possibilities of holographic security designs and effects, security films technologies and securing inks and devices. All this securing measures can be obtained at unbeatable prices.