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Our group

Abderrazek KEFI Group started in the field of printing and packaging in 1966 with TIKAdhesif, the pioneer in self adhesive label printing and converting in Tunisia and North Africa region. Then came SEMKAdhesif, the pioneer in self adhesive raw material production, and La Capsule Tunisienne, the pioneer in shrink bottle caps production. Lately the packaging focused group added the new activity of Security Hologram production to complement a wide range of production that satisfies almost all the needs of the market from decorating to protecting values.

TIKAdhesif is an ISO 9001-200 Quality Austria certified company, pioneer in printing and converting packaging. Innovating through more than 40 years of experience, with expertise in all printing process, TIKAdhesif have more than 20 converting and printing machines in 2 factory plants. With all printing techniques mastered (Flexo, Typo, Offset, Letterpress, Digital…), hot and cold stamping, varnishing, laminating and die cutting facilities,     TIKAdhesif offers a wide range of products and customized solutions, from decorative to technical self adhesive labels to Sleeves, IML (In Mould Label), wrap around labels and flexible packaging.

SEMKAdhesif started it’s activities in 1981 in the self adhesive raw material production. It’s the first producer in Africa to master the coating, gluing, laminating and surface treatment of plastic films, papers and other substrates. SEMKAdhesif produces jumbo and small rolls and format sheets, with different kind of glue from emulsion to Hot Melt.

La Capsule Tunisienne is pioneer in the production of Shrink Bottle Caps for olive oil, syrup, medicines and wine industries since 1988. It offers shrink films, aluminum, hot stamping, tear tape in normal and fiscal stamped bottle caps.